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May 30, 2010

Weekend Update – Squash Vine Borer Damage Control

I’ve spent a lot of time this week looking carefully at the squashes. Many of them have been hit by the Squash Vine Borer. I’m afraid many of them are not going to make it. You can click on the images for a better look.

Red Pumpkin Squash

Squash #2

Buttercup Squash

I’ve picked Borer grubs out of the Red Pumpkin Squash, Squash #2 and the Buttercup Squash. I don’t think Squash #2 is going to make it, so I’ve started some more seeds. I’m not sure about the Red Pumpkin or the Buttercup so I’ve started more seeds of those also.

Scallop and Acorn Squashes

Spaghetti Squash

Squash #1 and Squash #3 (Zucchini)

The Spaghetti Squash is in really bad shape. It was kinda limping along to begin with – the vine borers didn’t help it at all. The Squash #3 may survive. I pulled the grubs out then put a Marigold in the pot with it. I think is Scallop won’t make it which is too bad – I don’t have any seeds for it. The Acorn squash – I don’t know if it’s going to make it or not. So I’ve restarted seeds for many of the squash.

New seedlings and plants

These are Squash #1, Squash #2, Squash #3 (Zucchini), Okra, Acorn Squash, Buttercup Squash, Spaghetti Squash (I threw in radish seeds with all six Squash), Blue Lake Green Beans,Mammoth Dill. The other plants there are a Sweet Marjoram, a Curly Parsley to replace the bolting one, a Flat Parsley, and a Holy Basil (Tulsi). In the back you can see the Dill, some Leeks and the Pineapple that has some Cinnamon Basil growing with it. The six pack is Nastruium and marigolds.

Assorted Herbs

The Assorted herbs are Winter Savory, Sorrel, Oregano, the bolting Curley Parsley, blooming Fennel, Thyme, and Cilantro that has gone to seed.


Round Zucchini Squash

You can see on the Cucumber and the Round Zucchini Squash (which hasn’t been bothered by Borers because of the Marigolds around it) are beginning to put on dark green foliage again. Because the plants are in containers and watered more than once a day they need more fertilizer and other amendments. I’ve been going around to the plants and adding blood meal, epsom salts, green sand and Ladybug Revitalizer compost. The Blood meal in particular has helped with getting the plants green and blooming again.

The tomatoes has been visited by some Leaf Footed Bugs.

Leaf footed Bug - (Leptoglossus phyllopus (Linnaeus))

I’d been knocking them off but that has not been effective. I bought some insecticidal soap and that seems to be very effective in killing them. After a couple of sprays they fall off.

Insecticidal Soap

'Celebrity' Tomato

'Celebrity' Tomato

'Juliet' Tomato

'BHN 444' Tomato

'Patio' Tomato

The Early Blight doesn’t seem to be getting worse on the Tomatoes, but all the same I’ll be cutting off some limbs and rooting them just in case. All the tomatoes have gotten some green sand, corn meal and blood meal.

The heat on the patio has been intense. On Saturday it was 91 degrees (F) officially, but the patio was over 100 degrees.
One of the things I do to combat the heat is to spray the plants and ground around them – using the evaporation to cool the plants.
I’ve put two of the citrus trees on top of pots.

Key Lime sitting on another pot

It’s getting so hot I’ll have to put more on top of things. The other thing I have been doing is spraying off the patio and letting the evaporation cool the plants.

Curry Leaf

This is the new Curry Leaf (murraya koenigii) to replace the one that was killed by the cold. I got this one from an Indian friend. This one can’t be left in the garage during the winter it needs to come in the house.

'Pix Zee' Peach

The Peach dropped a small peach which is now sitting the window to see if it will ripen. The other peaches on the tree are getting larger but are still hard as rocks.

Bell Pepper

This is a Bell Pepper although when I bought it I thought it was a Sweet Banana Pepper. The Bell Pepper it had on it was used in kabobs today.

'Jumbo Hidalgo' Serrano Pepper

These have been great in Salsa and Pico de Gallo. I roasted the one tomatillo I’ve gotten from the plant, cut some tomatoes, chopped up a couple serranos, chopped up a couple of the Texas 1015 onions grown by my brother put it in a food processor and made great Salsa.


The ‘Sequoia’ Strawberry is blooming like crazy, but I’m not sure anything will come of it because it has gotten SO hot recently.

'Clemson Spineless' Okra in Bloom

Both Okras and the Sage

'Burgundy' Okra in Bloom

The Okras are blooming and I’ve already harvested several okras.

Bay Leaf

The Bay Leaf is looking pretty happy. I have trimmed it back since some of the branches were leaning over.

Sweet Banana Peppers

Can’t wait for some pepper of these.

'Twinkle' Eggplant

There are two eggplants on the ‘Twinkle’ Eggplant, but you can’t really see them in this picture. They are supposed to get 3″-5″ in size before harvesting.

'Blue Lake' Green Beans

The Green beans had been looking pretty shabby, but some green sand and blood meal and they are back to green and blooming.

Sweet Basil

It’s almost time to make pesto from this Sweet Basil.

Big Curry Leaf

The big Curry Leaf is looking pretty happy.


I’ve put more compost and cornmeal on this, hoping to keep it healthy

Tomatillo bloom

Watermelon in bloom

This is a bloom off the Tomatillo. I hadn’t realized that Tomatillos are VERY leggy plants.

Cantaloupe close up


The Cantaloupe has little cantaloupes on it. Now I have to watch out for the squirrel and the birds since it’s out in the yard on a stump.


Bouganvilla closeup

Finally – the Bouganvilla is blooming. The Hibiscus that survived is blooming. I haven’t take the dead one out of it’s pot yet. I’m thinking I’ll put the Key Lime or the Tangerine in the pot.

Plant wash

Fish Emulsion


Blood Meal

These are my latest purchases.


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