Organic Container Gardening in San Antonio

February 25, 2011

Weekend Update – beginnings of spring plantings

Click the pictures to see more descriptions.

The weather guys are saying that plants still shouldn’t go in the ground. That is not a problem for me but it does mean I still have to bring the tender spring/summer plants in at night. We got up to 81 degrees yesterday. I’m afraid that’s going to make the lettuces bolt and go to seed.

The Potatoes ‘Yukon Gold’ are growing in an old trash can that had been used as a rain water collection barrel, but it split on the side.

I’m trying Asparagus ‘Mary Washington’ for the first time. It will probably be 2-3 years before I see anything.

I haven’t started any peppers yet and also haven’t seen any in the local nurseries.

The Mustard Green is not looking very good. It has some bug on it. I’ll probably pull it out soon.

I’m beginning to wonder if the Kaffir Lime has made it. It doesn’t have buds on it like the other citrus. The Key Lime has one leaf on it but I see little buds on the branches. I’ve trimmed back the dead branches on it and it had A LOT of dead little branches.

I’ve put “Super Thrive” on the Avocado and all the citrus plants since it’s supposed to be good for helping plants with freeze damage (at least that’s what I’ve heard Bob Webster say).


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