Organic Container Gardening in San Antonio

Planting Squash in Container…(hope springs eternal)

Last year I tried a  number of different varieties of squash (several of them I didn’t know what they were). Got a few fruits but mainly got Squash Vine Borers.   Looking back I had the Vine Bores turn up in May.   I don’t know if the drought will make a difference  in the appearance of the Borers but  I plan to plant early and use lots of radishes to combat the Borers.  The Summer Squash Zucchini ‘Elite’ has already been planted.   I will show you  how I plotted the Squash ‘Early White Bush Scallop’ and Summer Squash ‘Baby Round Zucchini’.

Starting with...

I also keep a stash of pottery shards to use for planting.

Pottery shards

Medina Growin’ Green, Rock Phosphate, Corn meal, pottery shards,  Radish ‘French Breakfast’, Radish ‘Cherry Belle’,  and not pictured but  definitely there Ladybug Vortex Potting Soil.

The two containers...

I’m using two of those big black growers pots. They are not as big as the ones I’ve been putting the Tomaotes in but I don’t have many that big.

I always put the pot shards in the pots over the holes, but I didn’t show this step in planting the Tomatoes.

enough soil in the pot...

Put enough soil in the pot till I can set the plant on top of the soil and the top of the plant’s soil is at the same level as the top of the black pot.

Growin' Green in the pot

Then some rock phosphate...

I mix the Growin’ Green into the potting soil, then put the rock phosphate in and put the plant directly on top of the rock phosphate.

Summer Baby Round Zucchini


Squash 'Summer Baby Round Zucchini' and Radish 'French Breakfast'


Squash 'Early White Bush Scallop' and Radish 'Cherry Belle'


Squash 'Summer Baby Round Zucchini' and Radish 'French Breakfast'

Squash 'Early White Bush Scallop' and Radish 'Cherry Belle'



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